Saturday, January 3, 2009
Farahrizan Abdul Razak Astro Awani Kantoi Pesta Seks?
Farahrizan Abdul Razak an astro awani newscaster and actress,I bet you all know this girl.Farahrizan recently was hot because of rumors(still not confirm by media) her being captured "kantoi" in a one pesta seks which believe happened during new year eve celebration.Farahrizan Abdul Razak is in the club of artis pesta seks?Can you believe that? Like the media and of course famously rockybru blog said, "Police arrested a female newscaster, an actress, and 24 others who took part in a sex party at a hotel room in KL."

What really matter was it really a SEX party?
Rocky also said:

The female newscaster, according to sources, is one Ms FR of Astro Awani. I was told it was an actor (not actress) of Gerak Khas, a popular crime series produced by Skop Productions, a Yusof Haslam concern, was also among the two dozens.I bet 24 is a big number for sex party to be held in a hotel room, unless it's a big hotel room of course!

Picture: Gambar Farahrizan Abdul Razak an Astro Awani Newscaster

I hope the papers find out if it's really a sex party. A lot of people I know pooled funds and book into hotel rooms or suites to usher the New Year. Usually, the rooms offer excellent view of the KL skyline and the fireworks.

However let us see is this the real thing?Quite weird these days a lot of hot stories appear in the media like it was some kind of Hollywood gossip.Farahrizan Abdul Razak must come out and clear up her name if this a mistake.